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No CMS, Why?

CMS has been a standard set in stone for personal blogging from the dawn of times.

But not mine, not on my blog. I choose pure HTML-CSS duo to handle my blog, here's some points why:

  • File Format Limitation: Yes, neocities, i am looking at you. Even though the application interface are dead simple, the limitation on what content that can be uploaded (i.e.: *.PHP, *.JS) result in the inability to use more comprehensive CMS on this server, thus, this CMS-less HTML-based blog.

    Inb4: hostinger free hosting (with its free server that uber-unreliable).

  • Fast to Start: What you need is basically a consistent style, formatting, and grid to start, and you are good to go. Not like CMS that need to be set up with hassle on databases, user set-up and many preferences, HTML blog practically works as flat-files where all the links are static, which is good for simple blog kick-off.

  • Holy Tolstoy, The Styles!: Most boilerplate available gives you freedom in choosing what kind of visual style you fancy. It can be minimal style blog, homepage full of 00's glorious GIFs, or edgy-looking middleschooler blog, you name it!

HTML all the way

Of course, aforementioned points are only valid on small personal blog. For any online services that relies on heavy use of databases, have a lot of users, CMS would be more appropriate.

Haekal, 14-09-15



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